Houston Mass Torts Attorney

When you or a loved one suffer injuries due to a defective product, drug, medicine, machine, or any other consumer good, you should consult with a mass tort attorney at AK Law Firm. You may qualify for a mass torts action against the manufacturer of that product.

A mass torts action is similar to a class-action lawsuit. The Houston mass torts attorneys at AK Law Firm are:

  • Experienced in identifying and pursuing mass torts actions
  • Dedicated to getting victims of defective consumer goods the compensation they need to move forward with their lives
  • Focused on individual client goals and results

AK Law Firm has knowledgeable, determined, and resourceful attorneys prepared to tackle your mass torts claim. We handle cases on a contingency-fee-basis, and your claim evaluation is free. Call today and schedule a consultation.

How Can a Mass Torts Attorney Help Me?

When you need a mass torts attorney in Houston, AK Law Firm is available to answer your questions, investigate, and prepare your claim. Our personal injury lawyers in Houston are experienced and successful at litigating mass torts claims.

Victims of mass torts need attorneys with:

  • Previous similar experience
  • Knowledge of the applicable laws
  • Resources needed to represent the claim
  • Time to dedicate to pursuing the matter

Schedule your consultation with AK Law Firm to learn more about our ability to represent you in your mass torts claim. We will do so in a manner that:

  • Allows you to focus on your physical recovery
  • Ensures you are treated fairly
  • Compensates you for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering

What is Mass Torts Litigation?

Mass torts litigation is a type of legal action allowing a group of victims to hold a big corporation accountable for their injuries. These victims suffer similar harm from defective consumer goods such as:

  • Medical devices
  • Prescriptions drugs
  • Asbestos exposure
  • Toxic chemicals or emissions

Mass torts actions differ from class-action lawsuits. A class-action suit generally deals with a large group of people affected by the same set of circumstances. Mass tort actions are broader and handle claim types typically caused by the same product or corporation.

In mass torts, victims may choose their attorney. Mass torts attorneys may share evidence with all other attorneys working on the same mass tort. Mass torts allow victims more individual control over their claims and settlement options.

Mass Torts Litigation

There are some common groups of products and corporations facing mass torts litigation today. These are as follows:

  • Agricultural corporations who supply seed, fertilizer, and harvesting equipment to farmers
  • Defective products such as baby toys, exercise equipment, and faulty vehicle parts
  • Defective medical devices that result in further surgeries to correct or replace the previously implemented device
  • Mass disaster accidents like train, bus, or plane crash
  • Mass toxic torts causing injuries or diseases due to exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace, home, from the environment, from consumer products or pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals that are dangerous to patients like Accutane, Actos, Celebrex, NuvaRing, Oxycontin, Ritalin, Viagra, Yasmin, Yaz, and Zoloft

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These are only a few of the mass torts claims currently in litigation. If you are the victim of any of these or any other corporation or defective consumer product, call AK Law Firm now. A qualified Houston mass torts attorney must represent you in your claim.

The qualified plaintiffs in a mass torts case divide any compensation proportional to the damages they sustained. At AK Law Firm, we will fight to ensure you receive maximum recovery from any settlement pool. Let our mass torts attorneys start working on your claim today.